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Mental Health in Creative Practice 

         The dominant narrative at the intersection of mental health and the arts is one that typically utilizes the arts for healing: providing meta-verbal modes of expression, reflection, and transformation. However, for many artists, creation is also associated with pain, anxiety, and disappointment. Artists deserve to thrive, and alleviating the sources of trauma within creative practice cultures must be addressed from both the top-down and bottom-up. Whether it be providing individual artists with tools for grounding their identities and missions, supporting professional arts organization in finding the most effective way to implement clinical resources for their artists, or leading development workshops to help arts educators respond to the unique needs of their students, my work aims to strengthen the quality of relationships within creative practice spaces. Utilizing my backgrounds in Bioethics, Partnering, Developmental Psychology, and the Arts, I offer tailored consulting services in a variety of forms:

Together, we can work to identify actionable steps for strengthening relationships within your institution. I recognize that not every company may have the luxury of providing the same quality of services as others. Not to fear! There are a variety of ways to include clinical and/or clinically-informed work within an organization. I will help you identify a path that addresses the unique needs of your artists and address any ethical issues that may arise in doing so. 

Organizational Consultation


If you are a clinician working with arts populations, you may find that you feel slightly troubled by the complex issues being found in creative spaces. Mental health issues commonly found in these populations are uniquely situated within creative cultures. I provide bioethical recommendations that are culturally informed by my experience working in and researching mental health for artists. 

Lectures &

I have spent my graduate studies developing a toolkit for navigating uncertainty, identity instability, and trauma within creative practice. Drawing on concepts and frameworks from narrative ethics, constructive-developmental psychology, and partnering methods, I am well-equipped to educate artists, particularly young artists, on the unique mental health experiences of artists, and engage them in activities that help them strengthen their relationship to their craft and identity as an artist.

For all inquiries, please contact me directly at
I look forward to working together!

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