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Figments (A)

Figments is a contemporary dance-theatre piece that explores the phenomenon of echo
chambers in contemporary society through a series of vignettes. Echo chambers, a concept that has gained popularity with the rise of social media, is a symbolic environment where people’s preconceived ideas are intensified by repetition, reinforcing their own beliefs and eschewing alternative opinions. Figments (A) is half of the full work, and aims to shed light on questions such as: How are belief systems sustained?, What is the relationship between compliance and resonance?, and How can the reinforcement of beliefs be at once beautiful and dangerous? The music for this piece is by the late Moondog, an American composer and musician who created non-conforming rhythmic music while living as a blind busker on the streets of New York City. The other half of the piece, Figments (B), was created with Hot Crowd Dance Company in November 2023.

Choreography: Jessi Stegall
Music: Moondog
Dancers: Paula Sousa, Angel Khatyan, Olivia Link, Rachel Ferring, Laura Baumeister, Anouk Otsea

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