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Somatic Partnering 

Living at the Partnering Lab, an applied research initiative that investigates the complexity of physical interaction across disciplines, Jessi works with Dr, Ilya Vidrin conducting formal and practice-based research on ethical physical interaction, using specialized wearable technology for kinesthetic motion capture. The primary research interests in technology focuses on illuminating the complexities of physical interaction. This work has led to collaborations with a range of technologists, engineers, clinicians, and roboticists, to challenge what is measurable and what is lost when reducing the possibilities of physical experience. Our technology has been used in lecture-demonstrations and performance, where sensors worn by dancers capture and render salient subtle elements of movement, including relative position (infrared proximity, gyroscopic orientation), acceleration, intensity and duration of pressure, and muscular activation (EMG). Movement data is synthesized into a notational system which can be read by live musicians, as well as trigger live and pre-recorded sound samples.

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